onsdag 30 januari 2008

Day 30

A pic of the tulips DH got on his birthday...

Day 29

All the "girls" in one photo.

Day 28

Preparing dinner for DH´s birthday!

söndag 27 januari 2008

Day 27

The weather´s really strange, but today we actually got some sun! I took this pic of a big stone that we have in our garden full with moss and icy snow in the afternoon.

Day 26

Went to see hockey LIVE between HV 71 and Timrå. Of course our
home team HV 71 won - with 6-2.
Way to go HV!!!

fredag 25 januari 2008

Day 25

Yummy! Coffee and a vanilla muffin.

Day 24

Grocery shopping with DD.

Day 23

Looked like it was gonna be a beautiful day, but in the afternoon it was all rain.

Day 22

Tuesday means a day at DD´s riding school

måndag 21 januari 2008

Day 21

Going home from work...

Day 20

Hey! Meet my "new" buddies! Yeah, I finally got around to some excercise. I´m out running on Wednesday again - better put it here to remind myself.... :)

Day 19

YIPPEEE! New "toy" for me.... SO HAPPY!

Day 18

So many creative ideas - so little time.....

Day 17


onsdag 16 januari 2008

Day 16

Cheering up my sick daughter with American pancakes, maple syrup and
vanilla ice-cream for breakfast. Tomorrow´s work again.
Gee I´d love to be home ALL the time...or not....

Day 15

Rain, rain and more rain.....This is what everything looks right now outside. No cheerful colours at all.

Lucky me I bought these for my kitchen window -much prettier!

måndag 14 januari 2008

Day 14

Finally some sun!

Day 13

King of the road

Day 12

This is MY PLACE at home and I love my work desk!!!

lördag 12 januari 2008

Day 11

This is how my desk looks at work when I´ve cleaned it up. It´s defenitely NOT this tidy all the time...

Day 10

When I came home today from work there was a letter to me from South Africa. It was from Bonnie van Esch - she´s a designer of digital scrapbooking kits and I´m in her CT. She had wrote a really sweet card and scrapped some reallycute stuff to me. All I can say is WOW!
You´re such a sweetheart Bonnie - BIG hugs to ya!

Day 9

I got this from my sweet daughter. It say´s "Best mom in the world". Now - who wouldn´t love this?

tisdag 8 januari 2008

Day 8

Yummy! Yummy! We call this a Snicker cookie and I should probably NOT be having this today.
I need to loose some weight - not add...Well, you only live once, don´t you? LOLLL!

Day 7

One of my dd´s best friends had been to Venezuela during the Christmas holiday. Today she got this cute bracelet that she had bought there to Emelie. So this is defenitely the pic of the day!

söndag 6 januari 2008

Day 6

Today is totally laid back......
Tomorrow I´m back in the wheel again with work and all!
See ya!

Day 5

Today was my son´s birthday and I was so busy I almost forgot to take out the camera! Here are some photos....

Day 4

Busy, busy, busy!
Tomorrow is my son´s birthday - he´s turning 15!
Yeeek - I feel old.....
I relaxed by the computer and made this card for him:

My own reward today was my special home-made latte:

Day 3

Today came the cousins for a "sleep-over". As usual the girls had a great time!

Day 2

DD and I went to the cinema to see "The Golden Compass". We had a really nice time and the movie was very good. I would strongly recommend it if you like movies like Narnia and Harry Potter.

Welcome to my 365 days

New year - new challenges and why not this one? It´s sounds really interesting to take a photo every day and be able to look back on what´s happened during one year. So let´s start. Here´s for DAY 1:

We´re on our way home from celebrating the new year in Göteborg. And we started the new year with SNOW!